Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gratitude Journal #164

Today, I am grateful to be an even number again. Forty-six years feels good.

Today, I am grateful for this sketch made by Nick.

A beautiful print of a a golden retriever was what lay hidden in the beautiful package my friend Liz gave me. (I'll share the artist's name and Etsy site later.) It's such a wonderful work that Nick felt inspired to sketch it. He asked if he could make more copies and sell them to his friends. I said no, that would be stealing the artist's work, which would be wrong on many levels. But I told him that he could sketch Daisy from life or photographs and sell those because they would be his original works. Doesn't it stink when your mom is a member of the Plagiarism Police?

Today, I am grateful for the fun we had with George's sister Angela and her husband Mike. They made our Thanksgiving wonderful. Daisy has a new favorite person in Mike. As we were sitting in the library talking, she walked in and viciously attacked him for reasons only her furry little brain can know.


Yeah, vicious, isn't she? Daisy attacks involve lightning-strike kisses, head butting, and lots of wiggly, waggly fur, and they generally leave people with smiles on their faces. Only a Grinch or Scrooge wouldn't love a Daisy attack. As you can see, my brother-in-law is neither.

Today, I am grateful for peace. It's always a possibility, always there, waiting for us as individuals and collectively. We just have to embrace it, hold it, trust it. I'm learning it in the simple act of decorating for Christmas. No mad rush to "get it done" for me this year.

Slow and steady.

Careful and thoughtful.

Prayerful and patient.

That is the state of mind for peace.

I am grateful for peace.

What are you grateful for today? How can you find your own peace this holiday season? What is your path to peace?


  1. Good morning, Susan!
    What a wonderful drawing by Nick. That kid of drawing talent is something that I have always wanted and been denied by the Muses! Guess that's why I stamp!

    We had two dogs visit us for Thanksgiving, and what a nice touch it added to the household. Gison is my son's 6 month old LabraDane (goona be BIG!) and Ebony is his girl friend's 3 year old Lab/German Shepherd mix (is BIG!. They were so well behaved, they can come back any time!

    I hope to take some sit down time for the holidays and not flog my self for what doesn't get done. We often overlook that part of the holdiay-and maybe that is what the real "war on Christmas" is-too much busyness, too much focus on shopping. Not enough pensiveness in this semi-penitential season of Advent.

  2. That is an amazing drawing!

    I am thankful for my bed!

  3. Grateful for learning to be comfortable living alone. To having my dog Annie by my side and teaching me patience. To meeting Mr. Barry, who reminds me everyday through his actions there are still good men out there. That love will find you if you open your heart.

  4. I'm impressed by Jack's work. I'm glad you are finding peace this holiday season. Not an easy task for me as the holidays are the worst time of my year. But I'm trying!!! One way I'm working on is to quit spreading my gloom to others, and to do something nice every day for someone else. Have a great season!


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