Friday, September 7, 2012

Words, Words, Words about Nothing Much at All

Every Friday, when I sit down to write Words, Words, Words, I debate the merits of posting something deep and meaningful, or something flip and funny. I usually make the choice while drinking coffee and poking around on the World Wide Web.

Because that's why the World Wide Web was invented: so people could poke around and find random stuff.

Yes, of course.

It's been a weird week inside my brain, far more productive than last week, but still the sort of mommy-ADHD week that leaves me feeling vaguely set adrift and wondering where the time went. At least I have a to-do list with lots of items checked as DONE to show for myself.

Last week, I didn't have that.

For instance, yesterday I deposited a refund check from our escrow account that I am absolutely certain is a mistake. When you tell me you need so much for taxes placed in escrow at closing, and nine months later tell me there is too much in escrow and send me a giant check, I am going to freak out. That's not my money, is it? It was earmarked for taxes, right? Were your calculations so horrifyingly off in December that that you can send me a giant check in September? Are you that incompetent? Those taxes are going to come due eventually, right? And so I deposited that giant check in an unused account, and in a year or three, if it hasn't been sent to the government, we might do something fun with it.

But it's not going to be there. I just know it.

That's the sort of thing I've dealt with this week. Oh, and I ordered a trampoline because, really, our lives have not included enough emergency room visits.

Fortunately, this afternoon, several friends will stop by my house for coffee and something sweet to eat. It's a group of delightfully mis-matched mommies that has met for three years now, when we could, to chat about everything and nothing. The international cast of characters includes a smart Canadian mommy (she of the alternative soul) whose daughter has autism, an artistic Japanese mommy (she of the Buddhist soul) married to a Canadian and here for another year because her house hasn't sold, a homeschooling mommy (she of the gentle, Godly soul), a former hairdresser mommy (she of the laughing soul), a Chemistry-professor mommy (she who brought us all together in the first place).

I hope a new soul joins us today. I've been trying to bring her in for three years. Maybe today will be the day.

My house will be mostly clean, so some doors will be shut to hide mess and chaos and clutter. I'm good with this. I do hope I can mop my wood floors this morning, though. They need it.

But if I only sweep them, that will be enough.

And so in preparation for the laughter of the afternoon (because the Laughing Soul makes our bellies and cheeks hurt with her stories), here are some funny words that spoke to me this week.

These and other funny and serious thoughts can be found on my Pinterest board titled Yes, Of Course.

What silliness or seriousness has you saying yes, of course today?


  1. There are days I wish I could pick up the phone and respond to your posts!

    A trampoline....two boys! Yikes!! You are a very brave woman. Just don't let them move it close to any roofs!

    When I get out of the house in the morning and feel "matched"; it's a great day. Not necessarily underwear; but just feeling like I am put together well. Today is one of those days....

    I hope you have a great week! Congrats on the new blog; neat idea. I hope to comment a lot. I enjoy your blogs very much; thank you for taking the time to do them. I know they are not easy some days. I appreciate your talent.

  2. We've had the giant escrow refund check experience before. In our case, it turned out that the mortgage company had used another customer's escrow money to pay our school taxes! When they discovered their mistake, they tried to convince me to send them a check with the other customer's account number on it. Uh, not a chance. You'll have to fix it by putting his money back where it belongs and taking my check to pay my account. Took weeks to straighten it out, and it was a huge part of the reason that we made sure to have a large enough down payment on the next house to forgo the whole escrow experience and pay our own taxes.


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