Friday, September 14, 2012

Words, Words, Words about Entropy and Procrastination

"This isn't a home. It's a swirling vortex of entropy!" Dr. Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

I love Sheldon. He snuck into his neighbor's apartment in the middle of the night to straighten and organize because her swirling vortex of entropy bothered him so much that he couldn't sleep.

I wish Sheldon would come to my house in the middle of the night and organize. Oh how I wish it.

Most of my house is...tolerable. I mean, there are some flat surfaces graced with nothing more than a bit of dust, which sparkles prettily in the early morning or late afternoon sun. The floors are largely picked up, with only the occasional bit of detritus to get in the way of a vacuum cleaner.

That's of course assuming the vacuum cleaner is sentient and will plug itself in and start up and go without human intercession because it's not been run in over a week and we have a golden retriever for heaven's sake!

But the house isn't too bad...except for the two unfinished areas of the basement. The swirling vortex of entropy has rendered these two areas impassable. I'd like to get my fall decorations out, but alas! They are in the very back of this area:

What you can't see is that the room is L-shaped, so there's even more chaos off to the right...scary, stacked chaos that just wants to avalanche onto some innocent victim's head.

Instead of tackling this area, I'm photographing it to share with you. Isn't that a useful waste of time? Let's make it even more useful by playing with the photo in Picasa to see what effects we can give it. Perhaps we can even make the mess disappear!

I'll bet we can waste several minutes in that pointless activity.

Let's start with Neon:

Isn't that cool? It could be the set of a sci-fi thriller if you just add a neon-outlined alien grabbing a torch lamp to whack you!

Perhaps not.

Or what about HDR-ish?

Yikes! All those hard edges make it look even more threatening!

Let's try Heat Map:

That's better. It could be an abstract painting done with day-glo paints, but  the reds seem a little off-putting.

Surely Picasa can do better than this?

Let's try Posterize:

We're getting there! Definitely doesn't look like much work anymore. But let's try one last trick, just to make sure....


That's it!!! Picasa has pixelated the problem away!

Who needs fall decorations anyway?

Where is your swirling vortex of entropy? What can you do to put off the moment of having to deal with it? Get creative, people! It's almost the weekend!


  1. Most of my home is, right now, but especially the guest bedroom where my ironing is stacked high. (John has his stacks and I have mine! :0)

  2. Close your eyes and then go to a more creative space! Make art.

  3. So far I have managed to ignore the HORRIBLE disaster that is my creative area for a coupld of months. I walk in, sit at the computer, push aside the stacks of junk and type away, refusing to look right or left.
    Hmmm...and I wonder why I can't find my mojo.
    Sigh...maybe I'll go clean the kitchen.

  4. I'm with Susie, most of my house is the swirling vortex! I am working on pushing back the chaos! Not very effectively, but I'm trying! Thanks for making me feel a bit better, and I LOVE The Big Bang Theory!,

  5. Never mind the mess--I think the light reflection is making Mona Lisa's face up there in the top right corner! So what you need to do is sell tickets and get rich.

  6. My home office. I've promised hubby that when the boat comes out of the water that I WILL organize it, clean it and try to keep it that way till next summer.

    My crafting area is not too bad; but it needs some attention as well. My first weekend at home; I plan to attack both.

    And, there are always things that interfere with those plans, grocery shopping, baking, lunch with a friend.....


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