Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekly Giggle: Lesson Learned

This is my second post for today. Please scroll down to see the Gratitude Journal for this week.

The following conversation happened last night when Nick was quoting extensively from Flight of the Conchords' lyrics.

George: How is that you know the Flight of the Conchords so well but not your schoolwork?

Nick: Because I go over the Flight of the Conchords over and over again.

George [knowingly]: Oh, really?

Nick [after a pregnant pause]: Oh, snap.

George: [excessive laughter]

Me: Was Nick hoist with his own petard?

George: Yes, and it's really sad that I know what that means.

Not sad at all, my dear. Not sad at all. You simply went over your Hamlet repeatedly until it stuck. And Nick learned his lesson, too.



  1. LOL! This put a smile on my face!

  2. Love this!!! And I love it when they have that "light bulb moment"!!

  3. Made me smile and happy that his parents were there to help make the connection for him.

  4. I love that you & your boys are Flight of the Conchords fans. I'm very excited to be seeing them live this weekend (not gloating, just sharing)! They're doing a big tour of their homeland (New Zealand) at the moment, with sold out shows all around the country including 4 nights at the biggest indoor concert venue in Auckland, so they are a pretty big deal over here.


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