Monday, June 4, 2012

Gratitude Journal #141

Today, I am grateful for George's photography skills. He was digging around in his digital files and found some fab stuff last night. Here's a shot of Daisy that captures her personality much better than the dignified shot I shared last week. Doesn't she look like an insane golden bat?

Today, I am grateful for graduations. Our babysitter Connor graduated from high school this weekend, and Jack's favorite part of the party was posing by some guest's Camaro.

Jack says he will have a blue Camaro to go in his blue fortress when he grows up.

Today, I am grateful that Nick's baseball team finally won a game. I am also grateful for the spectacular catch Nick made out in left field...and the look of shock on his face when he realized he had made the catch!

Today, I am grateful for light...for the sun, the moon, electricity, the flashing light on my phone indicated a text or email, night lights, refrigerator lights, car lights, the light of my Nook tablet screen, the light of ten million fireflies lighting up our woods last night.

Today, I am grateful for friends who pray for me. I always feel weird praying for myself. Oh, I pray every day that God will make me a blessing to someone and that He will show me His way, but when I'm feeling weak or tired or grouchy or unhinged, I feel weird asking for God's help, even though I need it and He wouldn't mind at all. Pride, I think. I should be able to get control on my own. Working on that.

Today, I am grateful for cooler temperatures and birdsong.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Two great pictures, through I think Nick would have to fight me for the chance behind the wheel of that Camero LOL!

    Today I'm thankful for good friends, and for a God who is faithful and sovereign amidst life's storms.

  2. Susan, Nick's catch made me think of this, based on the book by Willy Welch. That song brings tears to my eyes everytime! Hooray for startled kids in right or left field! :)

  3. I'm grateful that I can still wake up every morning and say what an awesome day it's going to be. My life has not been easy this past year and I have to focus on the positive. Very grateful for the family that allowed me to rent their in-law's cottage with my dog Annie. Grateful that I finally have a real bed to sleep in at night in my very own space. Grateful that I have the ability to afford to live in a nice, safe and clean place. Thankful for having a full size kitchen and a washer and dryer inside. Life's little pleasures!
    Big thank you to Susan for reminding us to be grateful and thankful for what we have.


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