Monday, June 18, 2012

Gratitude Journal #142--Edited

Today, I am grateful for the past week on Kauai. More on that in the coming weeks, including lots of pictures, but this one taken by my sister-in-law during our cruise of the Na Pali coast makes me happy, even with my silly hat.

photo courtesy of Angela

Today, I am grateful for my in-laws who made the past week in paradise possible. They will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this December, and the trip was in honor of that wonderful milestone!

Today, I am grateful for spending time with George's family in paradise.

Today, I am grateful for having had my friend Karen Hoyer in my life. She passed away early Saturday morning after a four-year struggle with cancer. She was an amazing friend during an amazing time of my life, and she will be missed.

Karen surrounded by her family

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Love the photo of you and hubby. So sad about your friend. I hate cancer.

    But, today I am grateful that John is feeling better even though not 100 percent over his double vision yet.

    I'm also grateful for warmer temps here in Washington State. 70 degrees almost feels hot, now.

    I'm grateful for family and friends that have lodged us, fed us, entertained us and loved us for nearly two months. (We start the trek home next week.)

    I'm grateful for a handyman that has taken good care of problems with the rentals while we've been gone.

    Lastly, I'm grateful for a trusted friend that has looked after our home and forwarded our mail.

  2. Susan, So glad you had a wonderful time with family on vacation!
    I'm sorry to hear about your friend Karen, hard to deal with I'm sure.
    Today I am grateful for summer school for my son, which gives me some much needed quiet time.
    I am grateful, that my husband is back. He spent six wonderful days in Mexico to attend his brother's wedding. He is back at work today, whereas I am off work all summer:)

    I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of you in paradise:)


  3. Great picture of you and hubby, silly hat and all! What a wonderful trip you must have had.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Karen. What a wonderful picture of her family ... she looked very much loved.

    Today I am grateful for my youngest son, Tristan, as he graduates from 8th grade and looks forward to high school. I am grateful for all 3 of my boys, as they have all grown into fine young men.

    Today I am grateful for my friend of 38 years, Kathy, who I was able to spend lots of time with these past few days while she was here in CT visiting with her parents. She flies back to FL in the morning, and I will miss her.

    Today I am grateful for all the wonderful people who attended our church's annual Strawberry Festival over the weekend. We had great weather and an amazing turnout. I am especially grateful to my "jam crew" who helped me make 1,251 jars of jam and jelly for this year's festival ... all of which sold!

    Lastly, I am grateful that the school year has ended for my kids and look forward to a relaxing summer.


    I wanted to be sure you didn't miss this wonderful video, Susan. Though I didn't know Karen, I did know that she had to be a very special person if she were special to you.

    How remarkable that she was like Janelle, smiling through it all until the end.

    My heart goes out to you and her family. To know she is in a much better place seems so little solace to those left to miss her.


  5. I am so sorry to hear about your friend; like Sue, I too hate cancer.

    Ugh...jumpy legs; I get them all too often. Miserable feeling.

    Today I am so grateful for a magnificent 4 day weekend spent with my husband celebrating our first wedding anniversary.

    It was so wonderful to be one on one all weekend with the man who makes me happy every day.

    Today I am grateful for strong legs used on a 26 mile bike ride this past Saturday.

    Today I am grateful for talented craftsmen, even if the process is achingly slow. My patio is finished. The furniture is in place and it looks wonderful.

  6. Susan, you have my sympathy upon the loss of your friend to cancer.

    Today, I am grateful for my mother's life. She died on June 14, only eleven short weeks after she was diagnosed with cancer. She had no symptoms, except a temporary balance problem. What a horrible disease.

    But I am also grateful there is a God, who answered my prayers for the "best" for my mother, whatever he saw that to be. It was quick, not much pain, and a very peaceful passing, with my sister holding one of her hands and me the other. My mother was not afraid of dying, but she did not want to be alone. Thank you, God, for being there with all of us.

    I am grateful for a sister who is like my other half. There have been no ugly scenes over "stuff." I am grateful for assisted living and hospice, and the compassionate people who do those jobs. I am grateful for friends, old and new, who reached out to us. I am grateful that my four children and five grandchildren visited her between Christmas and her diagnosis, when all were able to enjoy the visit. I am grateful for good memories.

  7. First of all, to Bahb, thank you. I hadn't seen that link, and sat there and cried my eyes out. But it helped.

    Second, Kay, I'm so sorry for loss and so happy that your mother wasn't alone. God's grace and peace and comfort to you and your sister and the rest of your family.


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