Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weekly Giggle #1

Yes, I'm starting a new regular feature, which just goes to show I'm hopelessly AR/OCD. I wrote here about the need to have good and/or funny news, not just mass-media bad and/or scary news, so I'm walking the walk. In addition to the weekly Words, Words, Words and Gratitude Journal, we'll have a Weekly Giggle. This will be something that made me laugh...could be anything. Feel free to submit your own fun finds to me using the email address on my profile page or sharing in the comments.

This week's giggle comes from the wonderful Lowering the Bar blog and is a fine example of how absurd government can be. I want it known that I am a total Anglophile and am in no way singling out the British government for mockery; the U.S. government is equally silly in these sorts of matters. But, honestly, all governments should know better than to mess with people's beer-drinking.

British Government Considers Mandating Plastic Pint Glasses


  1. First, I read the article and thought "hmm, that's interesting." Then the delayed reaction kicked in, and it's all I can do to keep from laughing out loud at my desk. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Yes, Cheryl. I pretty much lost it when I read this sentence by the Home Office Minister:

    "Innovative design has played an important role in driving down overall crime," he claimed, though it wasn't clear what innovative design he was referring to, maybe the knives. "This project will see those same skills applied to the dangerous and costly issue of alcohol-related crime and I am confident that it will lead to similar successes."

    Like my grandma used to say, "Say what?" Drunk people are going to act stupid with whatever is at hand, and legislation won't change that. But politicians need to stay busy with something, and this is better than what some governments choose to spend their time doing. KWIM?

  3. Thanks for Sharing Sue!!! LOL!

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