Thursday, November 10, 2016

Reality Check

Tuesday, I felt like a cynical grown-up and wished I had this shirt.

Wednesday, I felt like Hamlet.

Thursday, I felt lots of things.

At book club in the morning, I felt the truth of this statement in a room full of smart, kind people who are right.

At an IEP/ETR* planning meeting at the junior high, I felt both completely ignorant and thrilled at how creative special education people can be while brainstorming how a special-needs student who wants to take French in high school might actually be able to do it at his own level and pace.

This evening, I'm feeling like binging on Pinterest because, well, this:

Three days. So much to process. And pictures of Samoyeds fighting lobsters.

Life can be a little weird sometimes.

Thought for the Day: Life can be absurd, and it's best to laugh and breathe and practice some self care when things get really weird. How have you practiced self care this week?

*Individual Education Program/Evaluation Team Report...special education stuff.


  1. I hear you. Today I can finally breathe, and the future looks possible. Headed for bingeing in my book!

  2. Well said, Susan. Thanks for sharing. Yesterday I napped to escape, today I am making a card or two.

  3. Still breathing deeply.....I escape to the pool, swim a mile, shower, come home and relieve my daughter from keeping an eye on her grandmother while I'm at the YMCA, make some tea, sit with mom and try to chat a bit. She is more interested in the Walt Disney movie my daughter put on the DVD player, I tell her I'll be in my craft room, she nods.
    We'll be ok, we just have to hang in there and think positively, he might surprise us.....(wishful thinking).....


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