Monday, January 11, 2016

Unintended Consequences: Dog Hair

Years ago, when I started my minimalist wardrobe project, my plan included black pants, skirts, and jackets, which coordinate simply and perfectly with colorful shirts or sweaters. But the sad truth is this:

Source Unknown
My black fleece jacket, which I basically wear all winter even inside because our house is freezing, currently looks like this:

That's right. I had a cuddle with Daisy the Golden Retriever this evening, so the jacket is particularly hairy, but in truth, the picture pretty much captures the norm.

You try not cuddling a Golden who thinks she's a lap dog. You're not really given a choice. Besides, cuddling a Golden lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress.

It's science, people!

When I go to church on Sundays, people--mostly older ladies--pick fur off my clothes. It used to be embarrassing, but now, well, I've basically given up.

I choose to make a virtue of necessity and view the fur as a necessary accessory, but when the elbows wear a bit more on this jacket, I think I'll replace it with charcoal gray.

That might help hide the fur.

Or not.


Just keepin' it real.


  1. I'm with you! My favorite color is kitty fur, only my cats have both white and dark fur, so if I'm wearing a white shirt, I have dark fur on it, and if I'm wearing dark pants or jeans, as I always am, I have white fur on them. What a relief that I'm never undecorated! I have a couple of sweatshirts that I wear around the house--those are my furry sweatshirts--and whenever I leave the house, I take that one off and put on a proper sweater or fleece. Also, lint rollers! I keep one on the end table next to my chair. For Christmas, I made my friend some cards that say, "No outfit is complete without a little cat hair." She gave me a little pillow that says, "No outfit is complete without a little cat hair."

    1. Kitty fur, dog's all good, isn't it?

  2. My friend Maggie has two red and white Cavalier King Charles spaniels. She moved house recently and decided to re-carpet the sitting room and bedrooms. When she went to the carpet shop and the assistant asked if he could help her, she took an envelope from her handbag and, placing the contents on the counter, said "Yes please, what have you got in that colour?".
    Could you guess what the envelope contained?

    Glad I chose a poodle!


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