Monday, February 9, 2015

Gratitude Journal #262

Today, I am grateful for Special Olympics bowling because Jack sure loves it. The tournament was Saturday, and Jack had a wonderful time, even if he was disappointed in his finish. He said, "Next year, I will recapture my former glory!"

Jack is second from the right, front row.

Today, I am grateful for recapturing my former creativity...I made pretty things at my craft desk!

Today, I am grateful for Pastor Doug and his leadership of our Making Sense of the Bible class. This book, by United Methodist pastor Adam Hamilton, is brilliant and insightful and making me feel much more informed on a number of issues in biblical reading. Plus, Hamilton writes really well, which I appreciate quite a lot.

Today, I am grateful for modern medicine and the good things it can do for friends and family who are hurting.

Today, I am grateful for the silly golden retriever who makes me laugh every single day.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. When I feel the mood for a self pitty party coming on, I make a point to visit your blogs. Reading not only your creative blog (which you are famour for) but this one about what we should be grateful for, helps redirect my thoughts into thinking about what is good in my life.
    I'm a goal setting, list making type of person. One goal is to spend time in a coffee shop to sit and write. Writing is a major weakness, which has held me back in many areas of my working career. Even with me being 57, it's never too late to get something down on paper. I really think all the caffeine fulled air at my local Peet's helps with the creative process! Grateful there is some place close by I can go to. Now I just have to work with Annie (my German Shepherd) not to want to bark at everyone walking by.


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