Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why Imagination Is So Much Fun


This reminds me of browsing a used book store in Madison with my sister-in-law Angela last September. The dusty smell of magic; the sense of discovering important, hidden, forgotten secrets; rounding a corner and seeing an ancient, giant book press and wanting to take it home....

For his imaginative adventures, my son Nick prefers the woods, where he can fight off lions and tigers and bears (oh, my!) with nothing more than a pocket knife and a wizard's staff.

Where do you have adventures of imagination? Don't you dare say you're too old for them. If your imagination has had too little exercise lately, warm it up and give it some love!


  1. I still enjoy playgrounds! My kids have outgrown them, but I can still play castles and moats around a large playground structure. I guess I'll have to look forward to grand kids!


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