Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gratitude Journal #214

Today, I am grateful for 47 years of breathing in and breathing out, and for celebrating the accomplishment by eating shrimp and rib-eye steaks and cheesecake expertly prepared by my own personal Iron Chef. Yum.

Today, I am grateful for the incredible outpouring of love and kindness for Jonah and his family. I had hoped to gather a few dozen Christmas cards. At this point, we have people from three continents sending cards, at least two teachers who are having their whole classes make cards, and six or seven card-making groups who are spreading the word, in addition to about 55 individuals who've emailed for the mailing address. I've been sniff-sniffing repeatedly reading the emails from so many wonderful, kind, and generous people. It's awesome and humbling to see the Holy Spirit in action! (If you missed Jonah's story, please read this post.)

Today, I am grateful for the Junior High Show Choir performance Sunday. We had front-row seats and what a wonderful performance! Our son Nick is the one in blue.

ETA: Photo by George, who insisted that my failure to acknowledge the
source of this photo represented copyright infringement.

Today, I am grateful for a holiday visit from my mother and nephew. So happy to have them join us for Thanksgiving!

Today, I am also grateful for parties with friends, for the kindness of strangers, and for a warm and comfortable home.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Like you, Susan, I am so humbled by this response. I shared with so many in church today about the overwhelming kindness of individuals to be willing to do this for Jonah. As I was sending a copy of your post today to Molly, a picture flashed in my mind from It's a Wonderful Life - at the end of the movie when they bring in all the sacks of mail from people who wanted to help Mr. Bailey! And even as I was thinking of it, Silent Night started playing on my playlist! I pray that God will repay each person in a way that I cannot. My heart is so full... Jonah's Nana~

    1. Jane, I woke this morning to an email from South Africa that reduced me to tears...again. And now God's giving you background music! Goosebumps!

      And definitely leave the repayment to God. He got this thing started, and he's got the debt covered tenfold. Just sit back and let the love do what it will.

  2. Happy birthday Susan! I'm thankful for the outpouring of love you've received for Jonah as well. I love the show choir picture as well. My two oldest are in Loveland's Show Choir: one middle school, one in high school. I might run into you at a competition!

    1. How fun, Lynn! My younger son was saying that he wished he could be in show choir with Nick so they could be together. Can't happen due to the age spread, but I can see Jack doing show choir in a couple of years!

  3. Happy Birthday, Susan! Hope you are doing something fun!


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