Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gratitude Journal #201.1

Today, I am grateful for the survival of the four crew members of the B-1 out of Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota that crashed yesterday in Montana. My prayers go up for the crew and their families, for the investigative team looking for the cause of the crash, and for the whole squadron and base at Ellsworth, up to and including our friend Col. Kevin Kennedy, the 28th Bomb Wing commander.

We spent over four years stationed at Ellsworth, and I can well imagine the impact this crash will have on the community.

This should be a reminder to all Americans that our service men and women take risks every single day whether they are deployed or not. What they train to do is dangerous, and training accidents happen despite the best-laid safety procedures and checklists, the best maintenance, the best people. We'll likely never know what happened (the Air Force keeps most investigations classified), but whatever the cause of this crash, we can be grateful today that no lives were lost in the air or on the ground, and four families are experiencing the most blessed relief right now.

CBS News Article on crash

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