Monday, April 15, 2013

Gratitude Journal #183

Today, I am grateful for 183 posts about gratitude. Do something 183 times, and it's bound to change you. Do something good 183 times and it's bound to change you in good ways. My cup overfloweth.

Today, I am grateful for plentiful food on my table and the hands of my husband who prepares it.

Today, I am grateful for clothes to cover my nakedness...and the rest of the world is grateful for that, too.

Today, I am grateful for Jack, who inherited a sunny-side-up disposition. He just woke up, came to me, noticed the library card sitting on my desk, and asked, "What happened to the library card?" I replied, "It went through the dryer and is now curved." Jack said, "Oh, well. It still works!" That's exactly what I said to Nick when he brought me the card from the dryer five minutes earlier.

Today, I am grateful for Nick, who is 13 and growing into a young man who thinks and feels things deeply and surprises me with depths of maturity beyond his years.

Today, I am grateful for George, who makes me laugh and think and feel loved.

Today, I am grateful for the golden light of sunrise on trees trying to overcome winter's bareness.

Today, I am grateful for coffee pots.

Today, I am grateful for dog smiles.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Today I'm grateful for your sense of humour (and my own!)
    I'm grateful for other friends who are able to help my best friend in person while she recuperates from surgery for breast cancer. And I'm grateful for the surgery that is saving her life.
    I'm also grateful for dog smiles - and my own library card mishap, which involves the dog. She got hold of mine (while I had a training book checked out, of course) and mangled everything but the bar code. It still works ;) And the dog doesn't do that sort of thing any more :)

  2. Today I'm grateful for:
    - being able to be part of a birthday party for a friend
    -to have been able to hook up with a "cyber buddy" from Australia all the way over here in Vancouver and spend 4.5 hours with her, hitting it off wonderfully in person :)
    - Thankful for the trials in life that make us stronger (though not always my thought when living through it LOL)
    - For a good, potential candidate as our new Sr. Pastor
    - For a Sunday afternoon nap yesterday


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