Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saying Something

My friend Carrie posted this link on her Facebook status. It's a very good article about attitudes toward people with disabilities, with a nice bit of karma thrown in that's quite satisfying in the end. I do wish people could feel comfortable speaking up immediately when they hear rudeness, though I don't blame the author for staying silent.

She Called Them "Retards"


  1. This just makes me mad!! In my love of defending an encouraging others to be the best they can be I would have approached that woman after the race and bluntly pointed out they beat her, handily, and the next time she has a brazen comment like that to keep it to herself or better yet to think about who really acted like a "retard". Getting off my soapbox now...but with a smile :)

  2. I am so glad that you posted that and that I read it. I hear people throwing around the 'R' word way too much, and now I WILL be saying something to them.

  3. The article (and its following comments) spoke about manners, but this is about much more than manners, it is about attitude, acceptance, not judging others, and I could go on. Manners is a start, and I work hard to instill manners into my girls, but I also work to build a base of compassion, understanding, and acceptance for others from within my little family also. I speak up when I see injustice and rudeness, but I'm not sure how much effect I have!


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