Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grady Update plus a Weekly Giggle

Grady is doing GREAT! He has gained 8oz in the last week, which amazed his pediatrician. He prefers drinking breast milk from a bottle (so much less work), though Lisa does make him nurse at least once a day. He's now gained back all the weight he lost in the NICU, plus 9oz, so he's at 5lbs, 4oz.

Many, many thanks for all the prayers and good wishes. It's still 18 days until his C-section was scheduled, and it's such a miracle that he's doing so amazingly well.

Since they moved, Lisa hasn't had internet service, so she's not sent me any new pictures. (All the early pictures were courtesy of her friend Denise.) As soon as I have pictures, I'll post them!

I'm home with a sick child. Hopefully I'll get this week's essay up later today. If not, it'll go up tomorrow, along with some more Words, Words, Words I've already picked out especially for the child in us all.

My sick younger son, in sharp contrast to his drama-llama big brother, is amazingly stoic--except when asked to drink his medicine (OMG, you don't even want to know the trauma of MEDICINE!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!). All the sick going around reminded me about this funny video from YouTube:


Poor little bunny. Indeed.

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  1. take care of yourself, susan. we can always wait another day or two. your family is most important. thanks as always for your friendship.


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