Thursday, April 23, 2009

My New Favorite Picture

Here is my new favorite picture of my grandmother. The spots of rouge directly under her eyes are no doubt the work of one of her grandchildren. My, oh, my. She loved to clown around!

I'm always the one doing the "talking" on this blog, but today, why don't we get a bit more interactive? Please share a happy memory of your grandparents in the comments. I will send a card--a LateBlossom original!--to the person whose comment makes me laugh loudest. The deadline for comments is midnight Eastern time, April 26, 2009.

My deep and heartfelt thanks to all of you who have expressed your sympathy for my family's loss through cards, emails, hugs, and brownies.

And an aside to Karen DeRosa: I'm currently wearing the Miss Fabu-licious sash with the belief that if I think it, I am it. Thank you!


  1. Not sure how funny I can be.....but here are my memories. Warm milk, socks on the feet at ALL times, Polish radio in the background, 7-UP, Dreamsicles, No talking on the way to church....EVER! : )

  2. My favorite memory of my grandfather was after my first son was born, he took me aside and said if I ever needed money for tennis lessons for my son to come to him and he would pay for them. To heck with food, clothing or other neccessities, he better get those tennis lessons!

  3. My grandmother was a hoot.
    - when I was in 4th grade she bought me a tshirt with a pretty plant on it that announced to the world what a good child I was. In fact it was a pot leaf and said 100% Gold.
    -she loved to watch cooking shows and recreate the recipes but she never wrote them down which meant they got very mixed up. A favorite family joke is still the pinto bean cake.
    -I am a coupon clipper, always have been. One year for Christmas she gave me a box of coupons. Coupons that she had collected for the entire year. She didn't realize they expired.

    Thanks for making me smile tonight.

  4. Susan, I am so sorry to hear about your loss!! I do love this photo of your grandmother!! She looks like she was a wonderful woman!!

  5. I love this picture! My grandmother always went along with our fun, too. She always liked to wear inappropriate things as hats. We have a picture of her somewhere with a Bill Miller's BBQ tea bucket on her head as a hat and the handle under her chin as the strap. She was ninety-three at the time.

  6. I have very fond memories of both my grandmothers - one was strict and crotchety - the other gentle and never complaining. Guess which was my favorite when I was a child. We'd sit on the front porch, in the glider, sipping lemonade and making Hollyhock dolls or dolls made from folding her beautiful hankies. I know this entry isn't in time for the contest - but I wanted to share our story anyway.

  7. I've been best friends with the same girl since we were 14. Her Grandmother, who was like a Grandmother to me, passed away last month. I have such fond memories of Rose. She was one tough old bird! She had a mouth like a sailor and told it like it was. Feel free to moderate this post out if you think it's too offensive, but she used to call us a couple of slu** and tell us to "keep our le** closed!" She called me that when I was 14 and totally innocent, and she called me that when I was married with kids.

    We've always called my son "Tuffy". He was three months old when Rose passed away. At the funeral, I read the program and found out that her nickname had always been "Tuffy". I never knew. Pretty funny, huh?

    She was awesome, I miss her. :)


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