Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Word of the Year Update

I’ve heard from a number of you regarding the Word of the Year Project. Some of you posted comments on the first Word essay HERE; others emailed me privately. Some have told me you are thinking about a word. Take your time. It’s all good. As more of you jump onboard our merry little bandwagon, I will add your words to this list.


Enthusiastic (x2)
Positive (x3)

Aren't these all great words!?! I can't wait to hear how people incorporate them into their daily life in 2009. Please note, if I’ve left your word off the list, send it to me again. As I will explain in another post (to follow shortly), my computer died last weekend. My emails and address book have disappeared into the same place lost socks go in the laundry and will never be found again.


Once you’ve chosen a word, you should probably find a way to keep it in your thoughts. We’re all so busy it’s easy to lose focus. Last year, I created a piece of framed artwork with the word Simplify using my scrapbooking supplies. You need not go to this much trouble, but some sort of visual reminder is important, even if it’s just a post-it note on your bathroom mirror or wallpaper on your computer. Think about programming your electronic calendar to remind you periodically or writing memos on your old-fashioned wall calendar. The key is to find something that works for you.

This year, since my word focuses on being fearless in my writing, my visual reminder is an old Underwood typewriter I picked up at an antique store a few months ago. It’s pretty dilapidated, but I’ve always wanted to have one (writer geeks have weird fixations), so I’ve placed it on the table in our library where I will see it every day. I’m also going to fill up a few of my fountain pens with ink and start writing with them again. I stopped using them after Jack was born, but writing checks or grocery lists with a fine pen of free-flowing ink will remind me of the “other” writing I need to do, writing that is (hopefully) a bit more substantial and meaningful, even if it’s done on a computer…which I still haven’t replaced yet.


Also, share your word with others so they can support and encourage you. Speaking of which…I want to thank each of you who has offered words of encouragement relating to my writing goals for this year. I appreciate your kindness and feel so energized by your enthusiasm.

If you want to share your ideas for keeping your word in front of you, please do so in the comments. Your idea might help someone else…you just never know.

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  1. I added Nourish a few minutes ago, and PLEASEEEEE start a card blog! Your talent is too great to NOT share!


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