Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gratitude Journal #240

Where to begin?

Today, I am grateful for a week at Lake Vermilion, for seeing the joy and satisfaction in George and Angela's eyes as they revisited their childhood memories of vacations on the lake.

Today, I am grateful for the peace and relaxation of the week, for kayaking, for loon calls and muskrat sightings, for good food, for the ease of good company in a log cabin setting.

Today, I am grateful for water that was just warm enough for swimming, for giant slides in the water, and for a brother-in-law who took these shots. Thanks, Mike!

Today, I'm grateful Jack brought his "We love you, Mrs. Wray" shirt so we could post a pic on Facebook. Mrs. Wray was his principal for the past five years, and she retired this month after 40 years in our district.

Today, I am grateful for rainbows. You know your vacation is going to be good when it starts off with a double beauty like this one.

Today, I am grateful for Nick and how he embraced all the fun to be had at the lake. He had so much fun fishing with George and Angela, tubing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, going for walks, swatting mosquitos on his dad, etc.

Today, I am grateful for Jack...even though he tried hard not to enjoy boating and complained epically while kayaking. His favorite thing was the big slide and spending time with his aunt and uncle.

Today, I'm grateful for Mike, who did most of the dishes all week and always had a tool for every job...from the mini screwdriver to fix my glasses to pliers to straighten metal hangers into marshmallow-roasting sticks.

Today, I'm grateful for Angela, who is always so easy to talk with, so generous with her time and attention, and so thoughtful...not to mention being an amazing travel planner.

Today, I'm grateful to both Ang and Mike for loving Nick and Jack so much.

Today, I'm grateful for George, who took lots of pictures (some of which I'll post separately) of other things I'm grateful for and cooked some fabulous meals. I'm also grateful he had such good run and swim training for Ironman at the lake and that he got a chance to relax and have fun and drive a boat.

Today, I'm grateful for being safely home after such a great vacation and for being reunited with Daisy and all her craziness. I missed this face.

Now it's your turn. What are you grateful for today?

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