Monday, January 27, 2014

Gratitude Journal #223

Today, I am grateful for the paper crafting community. My stamping friend Lisa and her German shepherd Annie sent Daisy a bag of homemade dog treats that she loves. And I met another stamper, Leslie, for lunch on Friday for a nice, long conversation about stamping. It's so cool to have a new, real-life friend who is as into stamping as I am!

Today, I am grateful for yesterday's sermon about grace and for the privilege of serving as liturgist.

Today, I am grateful for our weather. So far, we've had uncomfortable weather...but nothing we can't handle, nothing dangerous. May it stay that way as temperatures plunge today. I'm also grateful for the pretty snow drifts outside my craft space.

Today, I am grateful for the good food my husband prepared this weekend.

Today, I am grateful for an on-time start at school this morning.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. A stamping friend nearby!! That is terrific; I envy you both.

    What am I grateful for now? That I can sit here by the windows in relative comfort. It is -6 right now with a wind chill of -27. That is YUCKY, but I am largely unaffected while I'm inside. I'll spend some time later crossing a cold and windy parking lot, but it will be on my way to and from a heated building, which is not so bad.

  2. Grateful that I don't live the past and look toward moving forward. Big thank you to my parents! So many people close to me are so wrapped up in what happened to them in their childhood they can't live of full life now.


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