Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gratitude Journal #206

Today, I am grateful for the Ohio Renaissance Festival and the fun time we had there on Saturday. We saw a silly play with lots of Shakespeare in it, visited interesting shops, ate fair food, saw Captain America walking around, and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Our front-row seats at the jousting made that event extra-impressive, although we all missed the actual unseating of one of the knights because it happened so fast. The unseated knight was, thankfully, fine. The really big horses struck me as quite anachronistic, seeing as they were so very kind and gentle. Real knights didn't ride kind and gentle horses; they rode horses trained to kick your brains out. But when Jefferson poked his enormous head over the rail and into our faces, we were delighted, not terrified. What a sweetheart!

Sir Jack of the Kingdom of Raihala is quite a fearsome knight, don't you think?

George was called on stage during The Swordsmen's performance. (He's the one with the sunglasses on the bill of his cap.)

These good sports put on quite the show, presenting legs and bowing and lifting their chests to God...

And pointing to the one whose fault this was.

All in good fun. And I got a rose out of the deal. Win, win all around.

Today I am grateful for a gorgeous fall day of frivolity.

Today, I am grateful for tasty cow grilled over open flame.

Today, I am grateful for pumpkin spice lattes. Seriously, people, autumn happiness in a cup can't be beat!

Today, I am grateful for my friend Audrie, who invited me to play along with her card-making challenge this week as a guest designer.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I am grateful for such a beautiful fall and the fact that since I am retired, I have gotten to savor every minute of it.


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