Monday, October 28, 2013

Gratitude Journal #201

Today, I am grateful for old books revisited.

Today, I am grateful for blue fall days of flaming trees and sweater-weather temperatures.

Today, I am grateful for my son's trip to DC and safe return.

Today, I am grateful for a clean bill of dental health. Yay!

Today, I am grateful for fish chowder. Thanks, George.

Today, I am grateful to the service people at the Mazda dealer who did not laugh at me when I showed up and said my diamond ring was lost in the gear shifter. I am also grateful for the man who finally got the diamond ring out of my car and back on my hand.

Today, I am grateful for this picture from Pinterest because it is true and made me laugh.


Today, I am grateful for this saying from Marianne Williamson because it is true and aimed straight at me.

What are you grateful for today? Please share!


  1. I love the sentiment about the PTA! I need to put that on my refrigerator!

  2. Love that second quote!!

    Thankful for the FABULOUS fall weather we've been having and the STUNNING leaves that look like torches on trees.

    Thankful for a yummy cauliflower soup recipie

    For an AMAZING sermon on parenting at church this weekend

    For our Bible study Group

    For my mom healing well after her car accident

    For ICBC paying out a very fair amount after my mom's car was a write off post accident

    For the Lord's goodness, love, mercy, and how He continues His work in and through us :)

  3. I love the quote about peace. I find it to be true!

    I'm grateful this week for an awesome weekend of paper crafting in Gaylord, Mi with my daughter and daughter in law. We don't get enough time together and it was a wonderful way to spend a weekend.

    I'm grateful for a visit with our financial advisor yesterday and his pat on the back. "You're not only on track, you are a little ahead of the Plan". Yay!

    I'm grateful for a DVR. We are solidly hooked on The Voice; and it's wonderful to watch it without commericials.

    I'm grateful for a hubby who knows how to fix and maintain things. He is such a talented man!

    I am grateful that my daughter lives 15 minutes from us with my sweet grandson. I'm looking forward to Halloween tomorrow and seeing him in his monkey costume!

  4. Grateful for October. It is my favorite season! (totally stolen from a Pinterest pin)

    I'm grateful that in October I can have cool mornings and evenings, yet still have windows open to fresh air during the mid day.

    I'm grateful that I can make different soups to my hearts content!

    I'm grateful that you pin such funny pictures and pictures/sayings that make me pause and say "yes.... I need to remember how peace is actually obtained"

    I'm grateful that I have two wonderful neighbor gals who also fell in love with a stray pit bull puppy (okay, teenager) that has changed our hearts toward the breed. And I'm thankful that one of those neighbors has been willing to be a "foster" mom to "Buddy" and now is considering keeping him.

    I'm grateful that my kids attend a school where teachers truly care and demonstrate that caring by offering to help tutor kids during their "free" periods.

  5. Great quote. That is worth remembering, daily.

    I am grateful for pumkin spice lattes, pumkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumkin seeds, and a well carved pumkin this Halloween! Candy, too, of course, and cute kids in (hopefully) inventive costumes.

    I am also grateful for a wonderful husband who loves to grow pumpkins, and carve them, while I sit back and wait for the magic to happen!


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