Friday, August 17, 2012

Words, Words, Words about Sometimes and Everything


When have you been able to achieve this level of faith that everything will work out for the best? What time in your life did you let go of all the thinking and just breathe? What places in your life right now make you think too much, obsess unhealthily? How can you change that?


  1. We sold a rental property 6 years ago contract-for-deed. In other words, we financed the sale. The couple that bought the house ruined it, didn't pay the property taxes nor the sewer bill and the city shut off their water. They also got very behind in their payments to us. The house is in great disrepair. They finally agreed to sign the house back to us but that meant we had to pay all of the back property taxes owed. We sold the house last week, again, for cash and are waiting for the paperwork to be completed. In order to pay all of the back real estate taxes I had to completely wipe out our bank accounts. I may have a dollar in change in my purse. John doesn't even have a nickel! I have enough gas in the gas tank to drive until the beginning of the week. We have enough food (fresh stuff) until next week. I can allow myself to get anxious or I can look for how the Lord will take care of us, which is what I'm choosing to do. It's exciting, really. I just hope it's all complete soon because, until then, my bills are on hold. But, the Lord knows our needs and has ALWAYS fulfilled them in ways we could not have imagined.

  2. My husband resigned from his job after the local council he worked for made some decisions he wasn't comfortable with, had a short relief position but is now at home unemployed. I just have to trust that God has a job for him somewhere... We do have savings in the bank but I'm not ready for him to be at home all day because he's not old enough to retire yet!

  3. To be honest, I don't know that I have ever achieved that level of faith. It is REALLY hard to let go and just believe. Some days are just easier than others to take the breath.

    Right now I obsess too much about what I could do for a career change. I am burnt out on my career, yet, need to work so that we can continue to send our kids to private chuch school. Reality is, my degree has become outdated and I have no interest in going back to school to "update" in a career that I no longer enjoy.

    So, for now, I trudge forward.


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