Monday, August 27, 2012

Gratitude Journal #152

Today, I am grateful for an experimental husband who actually invented a deliciously light meal on Saturday and then made six different pizzas last night. I'm also grateful he liked the beet and goat chesse pizza enough that Nick and I didn't need to eat it.

Today, I am grateful that my baby turned ten years old.

Jack made himself known four days before his scheduled c-section delivery. I still remember George driving me to the hospital at one in the morning, dodging a herd of cows on the road. I remember how he found a vending machine with a big Coca Cola because he had had only six hours sleep in the previous 48 hours. I remember how the doctor tried to stop my contractions with some drug that made me shake like a leaf and made it really hard for the spinal block man to do his job. I remember hearing Jack cry, seeing the doctor hold him up and thinking, "Ohmygosh I'm so glad this was a c-section...he's HUGE!" I remember being really annoyed in the recovery room as I tried to wiggle my toes and George got all the fun watching Jack's first bath. I remember cuddling baby Jack in my room (finally!) and thinking, "He's not so big after all."

But ten-year-olds no longer fit in the crook of your arm.

Today, I am grateful for Patti M., my friend who turned me on to A Holy Experience, the blog by Ann Voskamp. I have started reading Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts. It's amazing. The gratitude movement is huge, and there are lots of books available on living gratefully. This one is special.

Today, I am grateful to the ads on Facebook, which directed me to Active Happiness, a website dedicated to the pursuit of happiness. Lots of good stuff there.

Today, I am grateful for a return to the routine of school, for volunteer opportunities that landed in my lap, and for teachers who truly care about my children.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Jack is such a handsome guy. Great photo!

    Today I'm happy for the few drops of rain we've had the last 24 hours.

    And for closing on a sale of a rental property FINALLY!

    And for a gentle, left-handed dentist who will prep my tooth for a crown today.

    And for fresh fruit and veggies. Love them so much.

    And for my BFF, Barb.

  2. Grateful for . . .
    . . . Ann's book and blog (too!)
    . . . school starts tomorrow!
    . . . walk with a friend
    . . . blue skies that lift the soul.

  3. Great post today :)

    I'm thankful for a wonderful family vacation on Vancouver Island.

    I'm thankful for the most amazing in-laws who let us stay with them while we were on vacation - love them to death!

    Thankful for God's faithfulness amidst the storms of life

    Thankful for the privilege of being a mom and that God would bestow the upbringing of two children into my hands. May He one day say well done good and faithful servant.

    Thankful for the amazing summer weather we had!! Especially grateful after 9 months of rain previous!

    Thankful for my win at the Verve release - God blessed me when my budget was tight by my winning my favorite sets of the release :)

    Thankful for the links you posted - read a few posts on the blog and have subscribed :)

    Thankful for another day to live and seize all the day has to offer.

  4. Happy birthday to Jack. He's a fine fellow.
    I bumped into a friend from antenatal class on this day and she reminded me it was her son's 11th birthday. She is a lovely lady travelling a difficult road. Yet she radiates sunshine. The encounter made me to stop and remember how grateful I am for my healthy nearly 11 year old.


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