Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Organized Life

I've started the special page on my website for organization...The Organized Life. You'll find it on any page of the blog, just under the blog header on the third tab. Just click and there you'll be!

My plan for the page is to add tips and useful links over time. In other words, like organization itself, The Organized Life will be a work-in-progress.

It will NOT be a comprehensive organization plan...that's best left to the experts. Besides, the world has enough comprehensive plans out there.

Instead, it will point people in the direction of comprehensive plans (Roman numeral I on the outline), provide inspiration and motivation (Roman numeral II), and offer quick and/or brilliant tips I and my readers have found useful in organizing and purging various areas of life.

My vision for this page is a collaborative effort. Any time you have an insight or find a useful organizational tip that helps you, please share. The more people participate, the richer the resource!

I've decided that this organized-life elephant is best eaten one bite at a time. That's why my first project will be very small...organizing my cleaning supplies. Right now, they are scattered throughout the house (some are still in the garage!). I will pull them all together, see what I have, and go from there.

What sort of organization do YOU have for your cleaning supplies? What works for you?


  1. I tripped across this wonderful blog while on Pinterest and she breaks down the organization of your home into 52 weeks - focusing on a different area/thing each week. Very doable and not overwhelming.

    Here's the link:

    Here's to eating elephant every day :)

  2. Organized cleaning supplies? Are you kidding? My "system" is to look under the nearest sink. If the item I seek is not there, continue searching under sinks until found. If not found, add to shopping list. Fail.

  3. I thought about this question and well I don't have a whole lot of cleaing supplies when it comes to stamping. Just a little scrub pad and stamp cleaner. I'm a under the sink type of person too!

  4. I had to laugh out loud at Chris' comment, because that's pretty much my system, with two sinks & one closet in my search zone. The 52 weeks plan sounds like something I might even be able to do - and I too say "cheers" to eating a bite every day. Much more manageable that way - after all, I could even eat liver if I was only eating one bite.

  5. I've been trying to organize my cleaning supplies recently. I bought one of those clear plastic over-the-door shoe hanger things to store all my stuff in. Little did I know that with all my duplicates (whoops!) I would need two or *three*!
    I imagine that once I use enough stuff to get down to manageable amounts it will work better! XD (but who has time for cleaning?!?)

  6. I don't have a problem GETTING organized...I have a problem STAYING organized. That's the real key....maintenance. Not so good with the maintenance. :)

  7. Each bathroom gets it's own cleaning supplies. Windex, toilet bowl cleaner and Simple Green. A scrubby sponge, a small roll of paper towels* and a couple of those thirsty towels. *(When the kitchen one is about half, I move it to wherever we need a small roll)

    I will quite often tackle one part of the bathroom cleaning in the morning before my shower. I like having the stuff in there to do that.

    Pretty much everything else is under the kitchen sink. (Which may change once that new grandbaby starts exploring) There isn't much though. I've really tried to elimnate most products. I use Simple Green on my floors, walls and appliances. I have some soft scrub, oven cleaner and some Murphy's oil soap for wood. That's about it.

    I buy those huge bottles of hand soap and dishwashing liquid at Costco and just refill everything. That's under there too.

    The laundry room has Prewash spray, Oxyclean, bleach, laundry detergent, starch, shoe polishes and a big stack of rags.

    If you can utilize one product for a lot of things; it makes organizing it all much easier. Simple Green will streak; so you have to wipe some things dry after you use it.....

  8. My mantra is always store things where you use them. Like other commenters, I have cleaning supplies in each bathroom, new vacuum is upstairs, the old vacuum is downstairs. Proximity to the supplies makes it easier to clean up a mess when and where I see it and not get stalled by having to transport supplies (or later, put them away). I seldom completely clean a room all at once. I do it a bit at a time.

  9. I am like several other commenters - I keep a little bit of everything, right where I need it most. My rationalization.... rather than organization... it saves me time; so yep, I'm okay with time management as a trade off to organization :->


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