Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things on Thursday: Furniture and a Mess

We had a buyer for our new house for a few days, and then they skedaddled over a (to us) rather stupidly insignificant thing. The builder of our new home has to buy our old one if it doesn't sell by April 9th, so it doesn't bother us too much.

It just bothers the builder.

Yesterday, the news of the skedaddling came just an hour after I took delivery of this furniture.

Yes, that is my Nook Tablet resting on the table. I still love it, too.

The library, when it is finished, will be my favorite room in the whole house...even more than my craft room. My craft room isn't perfect and right now has carpet ripped up and holes cut in drywall following a leaky toilet incident. See?

This mess will require at least a week to get straightened out. Probably two. But even without the mess, the craft room isn't ideal. It's too isolated from the family. I don't like the fact that I can't hear what's going on in other parts of the house when I am in there. It's not a problem during the day, when I'm here with the dog. Just in the afternoons and on weekends when I feel like I'm ostracizing myself in there. I'm considering moving all this stuff to the alcove of the basement with the sliding glass door. Then I'll be "part of things" while stamping my art out.

Even so, as you can see, the craft room's decor is dominated by plastic storage. It's not pretty. Functional, yes. Pretty, no. And not the sort of thing you want to lay eyes on when you walk down the stairs and into the basement rec room. It's a dilemma.

The library, on the other hand, will contain not single plastic storage bin, drawer, or basket. Our desks may arrive as early as today...they are the mission desks from LLBean. We still need chairs for the desks and bookshelves for the, um, books, and accessories, such as a Tiffany-style lamp for the table between the chairs, curtains for the windows, etc.

I'm in love. So is George. It's sort of sad that we bought this whole big house and will spend most of our time quite happily in a 14' x 13' room.

I exaggerate. But only a little.


  1. Love you furniture. I'm a big fan of the mission style.

  2. I can hear you purring all the way over here on the West Coast ;) Enjoy the library!

  3. Beautiful furniture, and almost exactly what I imagined you liking! Hmmmm.....I loved the idea of your crafting in the alcove all along. Wonder if you could do anything at all to hide the plastic when friends drop by - a curtain, perhaps? Don't know...I must be older and much more stubborn than you, because I don't really care what people think of my mis-matched plastic drawers :) Of course, my house is OLD, not new and gorgeous! Good luck with your decision and thanks for sharing photos!

  4. Sorry if you have already addressed this, but I have a question about your library. Was it originally intended to be a formal dining room, or was it always called the library? I remember that your house is new, so you aren't saddled with other people's descriptions.

    Our house (built in 1971, it is disco-riffic) has a formal dining room that is underused, and I am campaigning to turn it into a library/reading room/place for sitting in comfy chairs without a tv in sight.

  5. Nicole, the room is, technically, an office, with double french doors and no closet. The window is gorgeous...can't tell in the photo, but it's arched above and has some nice trim elements. We've always had what we called "libraries" in our houses, rooms where we kept lots of books. This library, however, won't have a lot of room for bookshelves once the desks are in it, so we'll actually have bookshelves scattered throughout the house---not a bad thing at all! The library will end up being more of an office, but we'll probably always call it our library.

    Bet you're sorry you asked, LOL!

    Although my vote doesn't count, I think you should change your formal dining room into a library. It's just silly to have a room that isn't used hardly at all...too much wasted space that could be used more profitably another way!!!!

  6. OK, I normally wouldn't do this, but being the word person you are, and Ms. Grammar and such, I just had to point it out. I found a TYPO in your posting. I'm shocked!

    "We had a buyer for our new house for a few days ..."

    I think you mean "our OLD house ...".

    I forgive you, and will still be a faithful reader! ;)

  7. P.S. - I love the furniture, too!

  8. We have two libraries. This house had a room with floor to ceiling built-in bookcases on three of four walls. It's my teenage son's bedroom and houses much of our book collection.

    The master bedroom is L-shaped and part of the L has floor to ceiling bookcases, a mission leather chair and a red chaise, as well as a T.V. Love that cozy space, away from everything else.

    My studio is on the main floor of the house, close to the master bedroom. I like that it's secluded from the house and has a door because when I'm making art, I want to be by myself. Our home office, though, is right smack in the middle of things, off the kitchen and the living room. I spend a lot of time at the computer so I like to have my desk/office area in the thick of things.

    As your kids mature, you'll find the way you use your spaces changes. When my kids were young, they had carefully arranged and supervised "playdates." As they got older, we had kids over at our house more days than not as they walked over on their own or rode bikes or whatever. We moved into this house just as mine were on the cusp of becoming teens. The "family" room, and their bedrooms and bath are all in the finished basement. It's great that they can retreat with friends and truly have their own space. I put "family" in quotations because I almost never spend time down there. It's primarily the kids' space. I think part of the reason everyone lands at my house is because of the set up. It's a good place for teens to hang out.


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