Monday, February 20, 2012

Gratitude Journal #126

Today, I am grateful for presidents and most especially for George Washington, who rejected the offer to be king. Washington was a gentleman cut from the finest cloth. Following the battle of Georgetown in early October 1777, a dog with a name tag on its collar identifying it as the property of British General William Howe, fell into American hands. General Washington found out, dictated a letter to Howe via his aide-de-camp Alexander Hamilton, and sent the dog back to its owner under a white flag of truce. A copy of the letter resides with George Washington's papers. Washington loved animals of all kinds, especially dogs. While a love of dogs isn't a prerequisite for being president, it's interesting how many presidents--good and bad--were suckers for pairs of big brown eyes and furry wagging tails.

And yes, I could carry that last line into jokedom, but I won't out of respect for Mr. Washington.

Today, I am grateful for the weather that has brought us sun and warmth, at least for today.

Today, I am grateful for coffee.

Today, I am grateful for friends on the internet who send me nice notes when I need them most.

Today, I am grateful for ink.

Today, I am grateful for this lamp, which now lives in my library.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. What a beautiful lamp. Very classy. I'm grateful that I'm breathing and my heart continues to beat today.

  2. Today, I am grateful for a wonderful rejuvenating vacation. I am grateful for safe flights. I am grateful for a lovely home to return to. I am grateful for my wonderful husband and that he is everything I could ever want in a traveling companion.

    And I too am grateful for sunshine today. I am looking out the window at work and the sky is clear and blue. Coming home from Florida's 85 to Detroit's 25 is a physical shock; but the sun helps!

  3. Great lamp! Today I'm grateful for finally feeling human again after battling a nasty flu bug! Also thankful for our cat who has snuggled up against me as I napped trying to shake the bug.

  4. Wonderful lamp!

    Today I am grateful for a day off with no major assignments or honey does (SP?) Just a day to get stuff done.

    Today I am grateful for sun even if it's chilly out!

  5. LOVE the lamp!

    I'm so grateful for my good friends who have helped me get through this very stressful time.
    Sometimes it's just going out to dinner and being silly or being a shoulder to cry on.
    And for Annie who is there to keep me focused and not let me drift around and give up.

  6. What a beautiful lamp!
    Today I'm grateful for the little black dog that sits on my feet whenever I stop still.
    Today I'm grateful for the husband who does the early morning (6am) run to school for our daughter's swim team practice.

  7. Beautiful lamp! It looks like you're putting together a beautiful Arts & Crafts library.

    Today I'm grateful that a friend was released from the hospital, just seven days after being admitted for a pulmonary embolism and then undergoing cardiac arrest in the ER. Modern medicine is a miracle worker.

  8. I am thankful for a daughter who loves me enough to confide in me when she is having a rough time.

  9. I, too, am incredibly grateful for George Washington. I'm grateful for ALL the men and women who sacrificed so that we could live in the amazing country that we live in. I am grateful for the opportunity to worship the way I wish, to be able to go out to dinner without fear of arrest due to suspicion, to work in the field I love. Thank you for the fabulous reminder, Susan! :)

  10. To Anonymous...what an important thing to be grateful for! I pray it all works out.

    Blessings to all of you who join me in my gratitude campaign!!! Thanks for the comments!

  11. I too am grateful for a kind President who cared enough about his enemy's dog to send him home. Today, though, I am grateful for my kind horse who has graduated from a distinguished racing career to become a fine riding horse!

  12. Beautiful lamp. Today I am grateful for my family. I can't imagine life without them.


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