Monday, January 17, 2011

Jack's Weddell Seal Report

Jack has to do a report on Weddell seals. The report must include one paragraph on the seals (topic sentence, three facts about the seals, and a closing sentence with a particularly cool fact about the seal) plus a drawing of the seal in its habitat. Jack's special education teacher said he should need no accommodation to complete the project.

We collected our facts and composed the paragraph, and then I asked Jack to get his 120-count crayon box and draw a picture like the one I printed off the internet, which was of a Weddell seal lying on ice with snowy cliffs in the background.

About twenty seconds after he put crayon to paper, he announced, "I'm done!"

I looked at the picture. It was green. A green angel with wings standing on two legs in a green box.

"Weddell seals don't have wings!"

"Yes, they do!" he said.

"They don't. And they don't stand on the ice. They don't have legs."

"YES. They do!"

"Bring me your crayons. You're doing this again."

Why do second-grade teachers do this to parents?


  1. I, for one, would love to see Jack's green winged-angel standing in a green box...I bet he gets his creativity from his mother.

  2. Perhaps we see as in a mirror dimly and Jack sees what we can't.

  3. Why not just take a picture of Jack holding the picture of the seal... that will meet the requirement of a picture (differentiated instruction). He did all the hard part in his writing. Just a thought and I too would like to see the picture he drew.

  4. Was just thinking that although the biology teacher may not get it, the art teacher would be exuberant?!

  5. Well at least the teacher would know your son did the drawing and not you.:) I don't think the directions said anything about the drawing has to look like the textbook. My son only colored in one color his whole life, now he flies for the Navy.


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