Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Difference Between Fantasy and Reality

The Fantasy:
What I Would Love to Make

The Reality:
What I Have the Patience, Skill, and Will to Make

This is why my sister, Lisa, calls me the Anti-Martha. It started shortly after my firstborn arrived, and Martha Stewart sent me an utterly ridiculous Baby magazine, the cover of which featured a first-birthday cake made with fondant and surrounded by little, hand-made party favors. At the time, I was doing great to get a shower every day while washing a gazillion loads of poopy-pukey laundry and spending 45 hours per day breast feeding. I ranted to my still-pregnant sister that my son would get such a cake only if Martha sent her hoard of assistants to make it for him. Lisa dubbed me the Anti-Martha.


Just keepin' it real here on Questioning.

And happy birthday to my honey. You rock!


  1. Bwahahaha....you make me laugh out loud! Great post! Hope your honey had a nice Birthday, and enjoyed his very nicely embellished cake :-)

  2. I'm betting the one you made tasted a lot better than the fancy one. I'd much rather have the one you made. You can see the love involved!


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