Friday, April 10, 2015

Gratitude Journal #265

Today, I am grateful for a relaxing spring break in Maryland with my mom, sister, and her family. I'll share the gratitude in pictures....

The night we arrived. Three boys looking at screens. "So happy together!"
A few days later, Lisa's router went bad, and we endured 36 hours without
WiFi. The kids handled the crisis well!

Mom and my sister, Lisa, out for lunch. Love these pretty ladies so much!

Paper Nerd-vana. We spent some time at the mall and
saw Cinderella. After the movie, Nick said, "I think
I need to turn in my man card."

My BIL Tom celebrated his birthday with a wonderful dinner out and
lots of cards. That's my niece Rory sitting next to him. Tom was also
celebrating making tenure at the U.S. Naval Academy. He teaches History.

A Pair of Giant Pears. My sister noticed them before I did.
I'm slipping, people!

My sister finally got the go-ahead from Tom to paint
their ugly brick to match the beautiful built-ins
they added a few years ago. The final result is
simply gorgeous and brightened their dark family
room so much. 

Jack loves bowling.

So does Mac, as long as he has bumpers. He and Nick
share a love of comic books and spent a LONG time in
an "epic" comic book store one day while I napped
in the car waiting for them. Good times.

Jack didn't use bumpers (they aren't allowed in Special Olympics),
and he bowled an excellent game!

Young Woman Power at the go-kart track.
 I don't have a pic of myself and Grady in the go-kart.
He and I had a blast together and handled an emergency
unbuckling situation calmly.
Our last night in town was Grady's first t-ball practice
of the season. His coach was awesomely patient.
We had such a good time relaxing this trip, and relaxation was what we needed. I'm so grateful for the warm, comfortable hospitality, for the conversation and connection, for the fact the kids survived 36 hours without WiFi in good form, for the food and coffee and wine and fun.

Today, I am grateful that our drive there and back again DIDN'T involve being rear-ended or otherwise having our car damaged in any way whatsoever. There weren't even any near misses or heavy traffic. Yay!

Today, I am grateful for Easter, for sermons and hymns and celebration of resurrection life, for lamb prepared excellently by my husband, for hugs and friends and family and love.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. I'm so glad you had a great visit with your family.
    Today I am so grateful to be safe at home and to still have a home. A tornado touched down in our county last night, many people lost everything. This puts things in perspective for me.


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