Monday, November 24, 2014

Gratitude Journal #256

Today, I am grateful that I was born 48 years ago. I'm grateful to be back in an even year...although 47 was a pretty good year considering it's odd and even a prime number! (I'm also grateful that I don't take this number stuff seriously.)

Today, I am grateful for my birthday buddy: Aunt Linda. She's my mom's sister, and I've always appreciated that she calls me the best birthday present my mom ever gave her! She taught me how to drive a manual shift car, and she has amazing talents in most everything she turns her attention to...woodworking, decorating, horseback riding, cooking, quilting, you name it. Love you, Linda!

Today, I am grateful for tasty rib eye steak and the man who grilled mine to perfection. Thanks, George!

Today, I am grateful for greeting cards. My birthday cards from friends and family continue to give me joy.

Today, I am grateful for Thanksgiving week, for Junior High show choir Christmas performances, for lights going up all over town, for good smells and happy faces!

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. The weekend before Thanksgiving I go down to the beach house with my two adult children so they don't feel the pressure to have to spend Thanksgiving day with me or their dad. I always thought it was silly for those who drive all over the place eating several meals in one day to spend a stressful meal with family. I grateful that my mom was so flexiable with who came over for the holidays, understanding you can't always be in two place at once. It was heart warming to be cooking in the kitchen with my kids but most importantly that they grew up to be great people. Their love of food of all kinds, cooking, being outdoors and hanging out with family. I know my future grandchildren will have great parents.


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