Monday, August 26, 2013

Gratitude Journal #202

Today, I am grateful for the beginning of a new school year. So very grateful! I think the boys are grateful, too.

Today, I am grateful for my sweet eleven year old, whose birthday was this weekend. He took his friend Sophie to the Newport Aquarium, ate lunch at his favorite restaurant (McDonald's), and blew out candles on a cake he won't eat. Notice the extra container of icing and the fact there are only three plates for a family of four? Yeah, Jack only eats icing. On a spoon. But he loves blowing out the candles.

Today, I am grateful Jack got a twin-tail half-moon male Betta (which he named Jackson) for his birthday. Jackson is a beautiful fish, and Jack loves how he's blue and so are the rocks and plants in the tank. Blue is Jack's favorite color.

Source of photo

Today, I am grateful for the benign wildlife we have at our house. This weekend, our front porch was visited by the always cool-looking leaf bugs and a tree frog. I'm also very, very grateful we have not been visited by a skunk and pray that we never are!

What are you grateful for today? Please do share!!!

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  1. Jack is a boy after my heart. Icing rules.
    He is adorable. And Jackson is amazing. Happy birthday Jack. I am thankful I get your Mom's blog so I can 'meet' people like you.


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