Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Call Out to Heifer International

Several years ago, I gave some Christmas gifts through Heifer International. Of course, ever since, I've received occasional mailings, their Christmas catalog (full of pictures of people with chickens, goats, and, of course, heifers), and about once a year, an email.

In my experience, they're not a high-pressure charity.

So I was surprised when I received a phone call in early March telling me that there was a matching contribution going on for Honduras and would I please give. I explained that we never, ever accept phone solicitations, but if they sent me something in the mail, I would consider it.

The very polite caller replied, "Well, sure, we will be glad to mail you something, but if you don't want phone solicitations, let's take you off the call list first. That way, you'll never get another call from us. Then I'll verify your address and mail the information to your home."


That's the sound of my passing out from the overt use of good manners.

Some of you might remember my post about Discover Magazine's horrible pressure to subscribe for the next three decades. I'm primed to get angry on the phone when people want money or information from me.

But you can bet your booty I'll be giving to Heifer International more in the future. Not only do they do amazing work all over the world in some of the poorest places, but they show a respect for their donors I've never experienced before.

How refreshing!

This post was not solicited in any way by Heifer International or anyone else, and merely reflects my astonishment at such respectful treatment from any phone solicitor. Other solicitors, please take note!


  1. What a pleasant change from two organizations that WON"T take me off their calling and mailing lists!

  2. I'm almost speechless. Almost!
    I'm so impressed by the good manners and professional attitude you received. I knew that HI was a great organization, but this certainly bumps them up on my list of charities. We never donate to phone solicitors, either. I, too, ask for material to be mailed to me.

  3. I volunteer at our local Christian radio station (98five.com) in Perth and ring to thank people for their donations. Often they think I'm ringing to say there's a problem or to ask for more. A lot of the supporters who have donated over the past 25 years or so are very thankful to have someone ring and actually say "Thank you."

  4. How wonderful and refreshing.

    I hate getting all of the unsolicited mailings and all the stuff they send you to try to guilt you into a donation too! I've received address lables, garden gloves, hand warmers, tote bags, chip clips, dimes, nickels,fridge magnets and seed packets. And, when they sell my name; it just makes me mad.

    I like to donate just once and then move on and support somebody else. I do make exceptions if an organization sends me a request for a special need. But just don't have a special need every year or every other month.

    I love how Wikipedia asks for one donation a year!


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