Monday, January 7, 2013

Gratitude Journal #169

Today, I am grateful for snow and the fact that it melts. We've had ours quite a while, and it's going away. I'll finally be able to refill the birdfeeder!

Today, I am grateful for volunteers. A lady at our church stepped up to run the meal ministry I've managed for eight years. It was time for me to step down, and Alice stepped up! Isn't the Holy Spirit grand?

Today, I am grateful for my Nook Tablet. Lovin' that thing!

Today, I am grateful for postage stamps.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I'm grateful for my Kindle Fire (though my tired body after reading too late into the night isn't always so happy LOL).

    Thankful for a great Christmas Break with lots of family time.

    Thankful 2012 is OVER and looking forward to a much better 2013 (fingers crossed).

    Thankful that I can teach the Grade 5/6 Sunday School class.

  2. Today I am grateful for 3.5 days off.
    I am grateful that I have lived 65 years, feel like only 40, and had a wonderful birthday celebration with family.
    Today I am grateful that I found a little extra money to put in savings toward retirement!
    Today I am grateful that even thought I had to go to work for 45 minutes to approve leave slips, that my dh could come with me, and we could go on from there, after an employee nicely loaned their computer so I could approve expeditiously!


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