Monday, October 8, 2012

Gratitude Journal #157

Today, I am grateful for gatherings of friends around fires on crisp autumn evenings, for conversation and food and wine and roasted marshmallows.

Today, I am grateful for clean wood floors, a clean golden retriever, and clean kitchen cabinets.

Today, I am grateful for Daisy, who works the crowd, finds the person who least likes dogs, and tries to fill the hole in his heart by pouring unconditional, enthusiastic love and fur onto him.

Today, I am grateful for rest and a holiday with George while the boys are in school. A year ago on Columbus Day, George just had to show me a model home he loved and put us on the road to buying our new home. I'm grateful all that chaos is mostly over, grass is growing, some pictures are hanging on the walls, and I at least have plans for curtains.

One year.

So much has happened!

Today, we're going to hang out at Barnes and Noble...much less opportunity for life-changing upheavals and much more relaxing! I'm grateful for that.

Today, I am grateful for boys growing into men before my eyes, for sweet glasses of cold water prepared by my youngest just for me, and for my eldest, who is stepping up to the plate of responsibility.

Today, I am grateful for chrysanthemums and pumpkins and falling leaves.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I remember when George had to show you that home! What a year! Whew! I love Daisy. She is just awesome. Does she ever convert anyone? :-)

    Today I am grateful for a cool change after a blazing, heat-filled week-end.

    I am also grateful for that beyond-summer heat on the week-end so that I got my first swim of the season with the family in our pool. Oh, I feel summer approaching...

  2. I am grateful for . . .
    . . . my 2 girls being so happy with their choices of study, and blossoming into such beautiful ladies!
    . . . people who are open to listening and learning
    . . . health and safety of family
    . . . flowering fruit trees (yes, I'm in the southern hemisphere)

  3. Crisp October days.

    Tremendously thankful for Ann Voskamp and her blog. Pure, 100% poetry. I choke up each time I read a post from her. And one of the best parts for me is that both of my girls are doing the "Today's 3" with me when they are inclined. I email them my 3 each morning. I also am keeping a journal. Amazing to see how the Lord blesses us in a month!

    For a prospective tenant.

    For good handymen.

    For a caring realtor.

  4. Sooo thankful for the amazing Fall weather we've been having.

    For the beautiful display of fall colours on the trees

    For a very, very well played and exciting final game in my son's soccer tournament which ended in a shoot out and a win for our boys :) They are a silver team playing against gold teams and they won the tournament - yes, I'm a proud mama :)

    For the kitten we got to watch over the weekend.

    For a relaxing day with my family.

    For all we have been given by The Creator :)


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